EYLF: Early Years Learning Framework

“All children experience learning that is engaging and builds success for life.”

The Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) is a document focused on how learning for children aged from birth to five years and through to the transition to school can be enriched and extended. Foundational to the Framework is the perspective the lives of children can be characterised by being, belonging and becoming.

The Framework was designed to be used by Early Childhood educators working in partnerships with families. The EYLF forms the foundation for ensuring children are experiences quality teaching and learning in all early childhood education and care settings.

Emphasis has been placed on the importance of communication and language, play-based learning and children’s social and emotional development. Children’s learning is the foundation of the Framework and is comprised of three interrelated elements: Principles, Practices and Learning Outcomes. These elements are integral to early childhood pedagogy and curriculum decision-making.


Transition To School

Whilst the transition process can be fun and exciting, it is not uncommon for children and parents to experience feelings of overwhelm.

Our approach to school transition is to promote foundational life skills which support children to develop the following:​

  • a love of learning
  • confidence
  • independence
  • social competence
  • emotional adaptability
  • pre-literacy skills
  • pre-numeracy skills

ELLA: Early Learning Languages Australia 

ELLA is a fun, digital, play-based language learning program for children in preschool.

The introduction of new languages to preschool aged children not only supports their engagement with languages, but also their cultural awareness.

Through ELLA children are introduced to words, sentences and songs in a language other than English at an age appropriate level. Children will have the opportunity to develop their sound recognition and language concepts via the ELLA application.

Munch & Move

Munch & Move is a NSW Health initiative that supports the healthy development of children birth to 5 years by promoting physical activity, healthy eating and reduced small screen time. 

The educators at Lilybelle have received training, have access to resources and ongoing support aimed to assist in implementing a fun, play-based approach to supporting healthy eating and physical activity habits in young children.​

The Munch & Move program fits within the new National Quality Framework and the Early Years Learning Framework.